By Angie Hiesl and Roland Kaiser


Performance and installation in urban public space

»UNFASSBAR« places a performative wind laboratory in a public urban setting.

»UNFASSBAR« (German for intangible, inconceivable, inapprehensible, incomprehensible) shines a light on the fragile balance between order and chaos in complex systems and processes.

The project draws its inspiration from the physical phenomenon of wind, which can set things in motion in a “magical” manner and blows with a force that can have either a constructive or destructive effect.


Lenah Flaig & Helena Miko

Roland Kaiser

By Duo Segotal

Stories for Astor

interdisciplinary performance installation

»STORIES FOR ASTOR« is an interdisciplinary performance installation for Astor Piazzolla's 100th birthday.

The anniversary project combines music, dance and light art.
It offers a three-dimensional contemporary perspective on the Argentine composer's Tango Nuevo.


Mohamed Ben Salah (Moodimbi) & Lenah Flaig


light design
Jacqueline Hen & Manuel Ahnemüller

Astor Piazzolla, Elnaz Seyedi, Dariya Maminova, Daniel Tamayo, Moritz Preisler

direction & concept
Ségolène de Beaufond

by the artist collective DIPHTHONG



»Trompe‑l’œil« – a performative research on masking and unveiling.

The artist collective DIPHTHONG (Nikos Konstantakis & Stephanie Felber) kidnaps the audience in a walk-in performance installation in intermediate worlds of reality and identity.


Lenah Flaig & Nikos Konstantakis

media artist

Jacqueline Hen







von mit nach t: No2


Naves Matadero Madrid

Marstall Schloss Benrath


Ben J. Riepe Kompanie

Dancer & Performer


Untitled: Persona
Live Box: Persona
Arena Arctica
Der letzte Schrei
Im Nebel ein Raum
Live Box
The White Void series
Happy Together


tanzhaus nrw
Pact Zollverein
Ballhaus Ost
Schauspielhaus Central
Favoriten Festival
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
Stary Browar Poznan
Drama Theatre Kaunas

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A production by flies&tales


10.11.23 | Kunsthafen Köln | CLUB OF SWEET LIES_axiom meets fluid

31.08.23 | Tanztauschfestival, Tanzfaktur Köln | CLUB OF SWEET LIES_Come lie with us in the basement

16.06.2023, 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr | Köln, Kunsthafen, AIC ON Festival | CLUB OF SWEET LIES

17.06.2023, 12:00 – 16:00 Uhr | Köln, Kunsthafen, AIC ON Festival | CLUB OF SWEET LIES

18.06.2023, 12:00 – 18:00 Uhr | Köln, Kunsthafen, AIC ON Festival | CLUB OF SWEET LIES

flies&tales creates for the first time a durational dance theater performance (6 hours per day). Nebulous landscapes and dance actions criticize the privileges of our time. Between amusement park, dream and death, the performers are part of this parallel universe for up to 6 hours a day and examine what golf actually has to do with them. The visitors themselves decide to become members of the club of untruths. Questions about individuality, mass, belonging, social hierarchies, classism, codes of conduct and conventions hover behind the pink façade.

At what point do people feel they belong and describe themselves as part of something?

CLUB OF SWEET LIES is an aesthetic atmosphere with artificial light, fog, video and natural elements that invite you to linger and reflect. The audience itself decides whether it stays for a minute, an hour or for an eternity and chooses to evaluate the performance as fantasy or metaphorical reality.
During the opening hours, utopian visual worlds are created that gradually decay.
An experiment, a permanent state, an error, an experiment - come and see what happens. It turns pink.

Performance: Josefine Patzelt, Lenah Flaig
musical composition: Eric Eggert
Project management: Nadine Kiala
Technical support: Robin Brune

The project is funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne



A production by Robin von Gestern & Lenah Flaig

How differently can time be perceived?

60:60 is a performative video work with 12 tvs. Lenah Flaig filmed herself in 60 different surroundings, moving in slow motion for one hour. 60 hours become 60 minutes. What if an hour was only 60 seconds?


21/08/21-23/08/21 – Kunsthafen Köln

10/12/21-23/12/21 – Freiheit Aushalten Köln, shown as an installation

20/05 & 21/05/22 – Fabrik Heeder Krefeld


Caroline Luis

Funded by
Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Landesbüro tanz

Landesverband Freie darstellende Künste


Michaela Plattenteich – Westdeutsche Zeitung Krefeld – 23/05/22

»This creates a fascinating mesh of accelerated images on the monitors and a real experience of stretched time, all under the constant ticking of seconds and minutes. In description, it may all sound very technical and contrived, but Lenah Flaig and Robin von Gestern succeed in doing something quite extraordinary.«

»So entsteht ein faszinierendes Geflecht aus beschleunigten Bildern auf den Monitoren und einer real erlebbaren, gedehnten Zeit, das alles unter dem ständigen Ticken der Sekunden und Minuten. In der Beschreibung mag das alles sehr technisch und konstruiert klingen, doch Lenah Flaig und Robin von Gestern gelingt damit etwas ganz Außergewöhnliches.«


Expecting Light

A production by flies & tales

»Expecting light« asks why we keep looking for a secret.

Why do we act as if we were dealing with the truth. Why do we need the secret all the more, the more comprehensible and »scientific« a world is, which nevertheless does not want to be properly understood by anyone.


21/09/18 – Tanzfaktur Köln

22/12/18 – Barnes Crossing Köln

24/05/19 – Fabrik Heeder Krefeld


choreography & performance
Lenah Flaig & Josefine Patzelt

light design
Garlef Keßler

music & composition
Eric Eggert

Sascha Kraus


Bettina Trouwborst – tanzweb nrw

The topic is quite exciting: a society in which there are no longer any secrets because of all the information and images. The two women were inspired by the cultural scientist Hartmut Böhme, who criticizes, among other things: "In the metropolises with their flickering stimuli, their increased speed of scene changes in the architectural ensembles as on the screens, there is a wealth of sensations, but a poverty of experience. There is a compulsion of light. " That is why Patzelt and Flaig wish themselves into the shadows. The astronaut, then, as the incarnation of the isolated social media consumer? The woman in the moon as a relic from a happy time?

Das Thema ist durchaus spannend: eine Gesellschaft, in der es vor lauter Informationen und Bildern keine Geheimnisse mehr gibt. Inspiriert hat die beiden Frauen der Kulturwissenschaftler Hartmut Böhme, der unter anderem kritisiert: „In den Metropolen mit ihrem Reizflimmern, ihrer gesteigerten Geschwindigkeit von Szenenwechseln in den architekturalen Ensembles wie auf den Bildschirmen herrscht zwar einen Reichtum an Sensationen, doch eine Armut an Erfahrung. Es herrsche Lichtzwang. " Deshalb wünschen sich Patzelt und Flaig in den Schatten. Der Astronaut also als Inkarnation des vereinzelten Social-Media-Konsumenten? Die Frau im Mond als Relikt aus einer glücklichen Zeit?

funded by

Kulturamt der Stadt Köln

Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

Kunststiftung NRW

supported by Fabrice Mazliah, ZAIK


None of Us

A production by flies & tales

Who can still distinguish between trial and error?

We are in a struggle against what is pulling us down: gravity, time, the certainty of not being able to fly and the responsibility to always catch ourselves.

Nobody is the hero.
Nobody is saved.

Premiere & Credits

Tanzart Ost West Festival 2017 – Gießen

choreography & performance

Lenah Flaig & Josefine Patzelt

music & composition

Eric Eggert


Clarissa Lapolla


One must still know how to disappear

A production by flies & tales

»One must still know how to disappear« (un)veils the disappearance into the visible.

Two women, a voice and the harmless game of life: an anonymous, fictional person, that manifests itself as a nebulous voice, influences the dancers and their actions on stage. The two women approach an abstract philosophical interrogation and go to their physical limits until there is no voice left.

What is left behind, if a person disappears and where does the urge to say something before you go come from?

This is a piece about leaving behind, disappearing, entangling and forgetting.


26/02 - 27/02/16 – Tanzfaktur

25/11 - 26/11/16 – Tanzfaktur

09/10/16 – Rheinfach Festival

13/05/17 – theaterimballsaal Bonn tanz nrw 17

23/06/17 – Fabrik Heeder

02/06/17 – Stadttheater Gießen


choreography & performance
Lenah Flaig & Josefine Patzelt

light design
Garlef Keßler

music & composition
Eric Eggert

Ralph Günther

Max Flaig


Bettina Trouwborst, tanzweb krefeld

Their joint choreographic debut, titled »One must still know how to disappear« vibrates with tension: a philosophically motivated dance thriller. The barely perceptible gentle irony makes it all the more appealing.

Ihr gemeinsamer choreografischer Erstling mit dem Titel »One must still know how to disappear« vibriert vor Spannung: ein philosophisch motivierter Tanz-Krimi. Die kaum merkliche sanfte Ironie macht ihn umso reizvoller.




How to work in a healthy,long-term and sustainable way and be more considerate of my own needs?

This guideline is a reflection tool for professional freelance dancers.